Custom Builds

Specialising in new and custom homes, at Alesi, we can help you from the very start of your project, through construction to handover and beyond. Whether you have architectural plans and are looking for a custom builder to help bring your vision to life, or want to engage a boutique builder that will help guide you through every step of the process, Alesi can help.

Our experience spans single story, double storey and dual occupancy builds and we are passionate about infusing our clients’ unique style into their home. With a meticulous eye for detail, we actively collaborate with our clients as we realise their vision whilst optimising budgets to maximise its value.

Our Process

Stage 1 - Initial Consultation

Our Director, Andrew Alesi will personally meet with you to discuss your requirements and vision. He will listen to your needs and discuss opportunities to improve and push boundaries as he seeks innovative options that will align with your family’s needs and lifestyle. From here he will outline all next steps in preparation for the development of your build contract.

Stage 2 - Site Evaluation

Our team will conduct a thorough site and feasibility assessment analysing all aspects of your land including any environmental challenges or accessibility considerations. This will provide us with the necessary information we need to form our construction plan and give you a complete understanding of all facets prior to commencement.

Stege 3 - Design Refinement

During this stage, we will collaborate with your architect or draftsmen, working closely with them to discuss any design details needing refinement. We ensure that your design can be built to specifications and considers all build requirements and budget impacts. Additionally, we will also liaise with you and your design team to understand all interior selections so they can be considered when developing the proposal in the next stage.

Stage 4 - Tender & Contract

With the design finalised, Alesi will provide a detailed proposal including materials and any additional services required. Once you are satisfied with the proposal, we will develop your Build Contract outlining the scope of work, timelines and payment schedules. On approval of this contract, our team will then assist you in obtaining the required building permits and approvals ensuring compliance with building codes and regulations.

Stage 5 - Construction

Our team will systematically commence each requirement through the construction stage including demolition (if specified), construction of the building structure, integration of all mechanical and electrical systems, finalisation of all interior and exterior finishes and even landscaping. During this process our Director will personally oversee and sign off the quality of work at each stage, keeping you engaged and informed throughout the process. Andrew will also co-ordinate all independent quality approvals through a tightly managed and rigorous process that ensure compliance, safety and quality are to the highest of standards.

Stage 6 - Handover

Prior to completion, our team will inspect all final details applying all finishing touches in preparation for handover. We will then guide you through your new home, providing all documentation as we hand over the keys to your new home.

Beyond Completion

We believe our commitment to after-sales service is just as crucial as our dedication to building exceptional homes. By leveraging our partnership with Inndox, we empower our clients to confidently navigate the post-construction phase, providing them with peace of mind and ongoing support.

Inndox is our comprehensive digital documentation platform that allows our clients to easily manage, access and organise all the important information related to their new home. From warranties and maintenance schedules to appliance manuals and build plans, Innodox stores all necessary resources to help seamlessly maintain and enhance your home.

Inspiration & Resources

View our past projects for inspiration or read our blogs to find out tips on planning for your build or renovation project.

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