Things to Consider When Planning to Renovate an Old Kitchen

Are you thinking about renovating an old kitchen? The kitchen is one of the main rooms in the house and one you probably spend the most time in. Giving it a new look could drastically improve the inside of your home.

If you’re thinking of renovations, you’re not alone. Australians spend over $1 billion each month to remodel parts of their home.

If you’re looking for old kitchen renovation ideas and wondering how to renovate an old kitchen, this guide is for you.

5 Reasons to Remodel Your Kitchen

Reasons for remodelling a kitchen may vary, but the following are common reasons to redesign your kitchen.

  • You want to improve functionality in the kitchen
  • You want to boost your home’s value
  • You want to save on water and energy
  • You want to upgrade to a more modern style
  • The need to accommodate your growing family’s needs

How to Get Started on a Kitchen Renovation

Suppose you’re looking for how to remodel a 70s kitchen. In that case, it may need a complete renovation, including the backsplash, the kitchen floor tiles, and the appliances. A kitchen renovation for an old house usually costs a bit more.

However, if you’re looking to renovate a kitchen just because you don’t like the style or layout, you may not need to spend as much, especially if you’re looking for how to renovate an old kitchen on a budget. An old kitchen removal cost is dependent on the type of renovation you are thinking of doing.

Either way, the first thing you need to determine is what you want to change. For example, do you need to upgrade the appliances or change the kitchen backsplash colour? Or are you ready to rip out the counters and replace the cabinets?

Finding a Reputable Renovation Company

When you’re ready to start the renovation process, you need to find a reputable company to work with.

Start with internet research. This way, you can compare different companies out there and their services. If you find a few you like, call the companies to talk to a customer service

representative or someone who can give you a quote for the project.

To decide, narrow down based on price, services provided, and the type of service you feel they will give you during the renovation.

Renovation Inspiration 

You may need some inspiration for how to design the space. From the layout to the type of cabinets you want, here are a few renovation ideas for a kitchen renovation for an old house.

Stick With a Simple Old Kitchen Cabinets Renovation

Having outdated cabinets can age your kitchen more than you realise. So if you’re wondering how to renovate an old kitchen on a budget, consider only redoing your cabinets.

If they detract from the space, you can rip out the old cabinets and replace them with new ones. Consider the colour you choose, the design of the door faces, and the knobs.

Painting your cabinets is another option if they need a bit of touching up but nothing too significant. This should help make the space look fresher and newer without you having to spend much.

Complete Renovation of an Old Kitchen

If cabinets aren’t enough, you’ll want to consider redoing the entire kitchen space. Consider the layout. Adding a kitchen island will make your kitchen look much newer and more functional, and will also provide a more convenient place to sit and eat, hang out with guests. It can even add in more counter space if you need it.

You can also move the sink to a new location. For instance, you can place it under a window if it wasn’t before, or you can add in a new and improved backsplash.

Think about the design of your kitchen. Are you going for a natural look or a sleek, modern look? Your decision will dictate the cabinetry you choose, the floor tiles, the backsplash, the doorknobs, the sink faucet, and even the sink itself.

Order new appliances if you have them in your budget. Having old appliances in a newly renovated space will only keep the room looking outdated. Newer stainless steel appliances will not only work better. They are also safer and will add a more sleek look to the kitchen area.

And don’t forget about the floors! As one of the main components of your kitchen, the flooring you choose is an integral part of the remodel. A few materials that look great as kitchen floors are:

  • Marble flooring
  • Hardwood or laminate flooring that resembles hardwood
  • Ornate tile flooring

Updating your kitchen flooring may be one of your favourite parts about the entire remodelling project!

Add a Unique Concept to Your Kitchen Remodel 

If you are willing to go all out in your kitchen remodel, there are a few unique ideas to add to the space. Depending on your design, you can add:

  • A floating wine rack as a shelving option in the kitchen
  • A farmhouse kitchen sink to create a country vibe
  • Bamboo cabinetry and wood flooring for a natural look
  • A hanging pots and pan holder over the island for an industrial look

Depending on the style you are going for in your kitchen remodel, there are so many ways you can freshen up the space. Adding in some of these unique ideas will set your kitchen apart.

Old Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Renovating one of the most important areas of your home can be exciting, especially when you know exactly what you want to do. With these old kitchen renovation ideas, you should have the inspiration you need to get started with renovating to build the home you love.

If you’re ready to start a renovation, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to help you create the kitchen of your dreams!