An Expert’s Guide in Choosing the Right Deck for Your Home

When a deck is well maintained, it can last up to 15 years. If your deck is coming to the end of its life and you’re looking for a cool deck renovation, you might be wondering what options you have.

Three Questions to Ask Yourself

With all the different options for decking, there are several considerations you should make. Determining the answer to the following will help you settle on the most suitable choice.

  1. What Will Your Deck Be Used For?

If you plan to use the deck for entertaining guests, you want to make sure you have a big enough deck. Think about other things you might want to have on your deck, such as furniture or a grill.

The primary purpose of your deck will play a crucial part in determining both the size and style you’ll need.

  1. Is Privacy a Priority?

Privacy may be an essential factor for you and your family, so consider this when designing your deck. For example, if you don’t have a hedge, fence, or another barrier around your yard, you could get a bit more privacy by having a second-story deck.

You can also have panels added around the edge for even more seclusion.

  1. How Much Sun Will Your Deck Get?

Australia gets a lot of sunshine, so you may want to consider reducing the amount of sunlight your deck is exposed to. You can do this by placing it in a spot where trees or your house provide extra shade. Umbrellas can be a simple and cost-effective solution if this isn’t possible.

Deck Height

You have a few different options for the height of your deck, and you should base your decision on your personal preference and the suitability of your home.

The height of your deck will depend on how your house is built. If your house is ground level, you should consider a low-elevation deck. If it’s raised, then you should opt for a mid-elevation deck. On the other hand, if you have a split-level house or one with staggered levels, you should go for a high-elevation or second-story deck.

Platform Deck

Platform decks are built at ground level. They’re generally built on a flat surface, making them the safest option for accommodating many guests. If you have children, you might be concerned about them falling from a height, so a deck that’s close to the ground is an ideal choice.

Raised Deck

You can have a raised deck built if you want it to match up to the second floor of your home. You might also benefit from this design if you have a steep backyard or the first floor of your home is raised above the ground.

With this type, you’ll need to make some safety considerations, such as railings, and you’ll want a solid design to avoid the risk of it collapsing.

Multi-Level Deck

If your outdoor space has the capacity, you could get a multi-level deck with each separate level connected by steps. This will give you plenty of room for grilling, relaxing, playing games, and more.

Other Design Characteristics

When thinking about your deck renovation ideas, you might be having trouble settling on a design. You can look at other decks for inspiration, such as our Deck Walkway in Warrandyte.

You can consider some less common options, such as aligning the planks diagonally with your house, giving a more dynamic look. We can also design your deck with rounded sides to make it more unique. Some people might have a basic idea of renovating wooden decking, but only trained professionals should do features like these as they take a certain level of skill and expertise.

You should also consider other aspects beyond the deck itself. Things like plants and lighting will all add to your backyard’s overall look and feel.

All of these features can affect the price of your deck, so you may be asking, “How much does a deck renovation cost?”

What Do Renovations Cost?

The cost of your decking renovation can vary a lot depending on several factors. As a rough estimate, you should be looking at around $200-$1,000 per square metre, but be open to some range.

The style of decking you have will affect the price. A platform deck is almost always the cheapest option. It doesn’t have the same structural requirements as a raised or multi-level deck, which means less is spent on materials and labour.

Things like a curved edge or a railing can also take some extra work, adding to the overall cost. You also want to factor in any accessories you may need to purchase, such as furniture.

At Alesi Group, we’ll do our best to design and build your dream deck. If your budget is an issue and you’re after a cheap deck renovation, we’ll take this into account to make things as cost-effective as possible. You can discuss your wants and needs with our team, and then we’ll provide you with a cost estimate for your deck, so you can decide how you want to proceed.

Turn Your Renovation Plans Into a Reality

When most people think of carpenters, they see them crafting things like chairs, tables, or cabinets, so you might be asking, “Can a carpenter build a deck?”

The answer is YES. At Alesi Group, we have a team of fully trained carpenters who specialise in creating high-quality decks to meet the design needs of our customers. In addition, we can offer professional insight to help determine the perfect design for you.

We can even take it a step further by helping you find the perfect furniture and accessories to complete your deck. Our services also include home renovations, maintenance, and more.

Your Cool Deck Renovation

The team at Alesi Group will work with you through the whole process, from your first consultation call to your final deck installation. Once finished, we’ll carry out an assessment and handle any changes that need to be made to your cool deck renovation.

If you want to get started with a free quote, need deck renovation ideas, or have any questions for us, contact us today.